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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Viet Nam Soccer

We were downtown wandering and noticed quite a few local folks in bars and coffee shops watching a soccer match. We didn't think anything of it so we headed back to our hotel in a local taxi. At the hotel we went to the restaurant to grab a drink and asked them if we could watch the game. It was just beginning the 2nd half and Viet Nam was down 1-0 playing Qatar. The staff was elated we'd asked to put on the game. 

I did some research and this was a big deal. Viet Nam was playing in the semi finals of the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship. (AFC = Asian Football Conference / U-23 Under 23 years of age).  They had never been this far in the history of the tournament. 

It was a great game!  It came down to 2 overtimes and finally a shootout. Viet Nam won with the last kick!  Needless to say the staff and we were jumping with delight. Viet Nam will advance to the finals Saturday!  Yes- we'll be watching!

Also - I'm a soccer neophyte next to Laura. She was watching the game calling offsides, penalties, etc. She knows soccer from raising two girls who played it for years!  She made the game even more enjoyable. 

Qatar could not block the last shot by Viet Nam!

Viet Nam advances to the finals!!  Their nickname is the Giant Killers!!

We all celebrated!!  What a fun afternoon!!

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