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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hoi An - the pearl of Viet Nam?

We arrived in Hoi An late Friday night. We flew from Hanoi to Da Nang. Da Nang was such a contrast to Hanoi. It seemed less polluted, less traffic, wider streets and more orderly. We were picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel in Hoi An. Service, food, scenery, etc has been first rate. We've spent the last couple days exploring / trying different places and have not been disappointed at all. 

The view from our hotel.  Yes - rice paddies.  So peaceful. 

Hoi An is first and foremost a beach town.
With cute little bungalows right on the beach

You can even get a massage overlooking the beach.
You even have fishing bowls!  I mean boats!  We saw this fleet of fishermen come in.

I admit I was fascinated watching them bring these boats to shore.

There was a small fleet of these boats on the beach!

Part of the days catch.  This little guy was ready to fight!

We biked around the city and saw so many sights.  Yup - a herd of cattle in the street.....

Rice paddies all over town.
I felt like I was on a miniature bike!  My legs never fully extended - this is harder than it looks.  
I know - cheese with that whine?
Beautiful river in downtown Hoi An.  At night is so pretty lit up.  They even give boat rides!

At night it is so pretty with bright lanterns everywhere. There were so many western and Korean tourists.

Many bright shops with unique offerings.  So many shops that will tailor make clothes for you!

This was sooooooo tempting......

Hoi An is such a fun place.  So much more to explore!

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