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Monday, January 15, 2018

Hanoi Traffic

This is one city that has lots of hustle and bustle but little in the way of controlled traffic (ie stop signs, yield, traffic lights, etc.). From our limited observations, motor scooters make up 70% of all vehicles in Hanoi. Yet we have see multiple Mercedes and Bentley’s -what contrast.  It's absolute, orchestrated, chaos. In all our wandering, we have only seen one accident so far.

Motorcycles everywhere! Thank goodness they go fairly slow in the city so there are not many accidents—not many are wearing helmets.  Yes, those are down jackets. They think 70s is cold here. It’s all relative.

Multifunctional machine!

Want a workout? Try pedaling one of these cyclo-taxis. It’s a workout, especially if you are pushing us!

Lots of tourists and tour buses too—this is in front of the War Museum in Hanoi.

A family of five on a scooter, that’s packing them on it!

Scooters are a means to transport more than people!

Looks like he is transporting panels of plywood. 

Watch in amazement at how traffic flows through this intersection.

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