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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Love Bangkok

Having a great time in Bangkok. We arrived at the hotel after 5am (up 36 hours). Finally went to bed at 6am. We were up after 11am - just in time to listen to the last quarter of the Georgia / Alabama game. Did I mention Laura is a huge college football fanatic who loves the SEC?  Great game!  Saban pulled a rabbit out of the hat on the Alabama win over Georgia!  We went to the Tropical Disease Hospital and completed some local vaccinations. After that we went out for an adventure walk. We walked +8 miles according to our Apple iPhones and confirmed by our feet.
Our first in country meal beef boat noodles. Our meal came to ~$2 with tip.
We stopped at a supermarket (my weakness). I love the brands. Let your mind run wild. 
Interesting branding targeting women
I understand people feeding birds...
But turtles too?

In the palace moat guarded by armed soldiers no less. 

So picturesque!

We ended up in some very "local" areas. We had folks asking if we were lost. I told Laura no worries until we started getting WTF looks. 10 minutes later we were getting WTF looks. We left that area. Go figure.....

What a first day!

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