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Monday, January 15, 2018

Hanoi Food

We had a great time exploring the city. So many food stalls. We took the time to do a food tour with We had a blast. It also helped to explain how many of the street food vendors work, how to order, what to watch for, etc.  Well worth the time and $$. 

We also took a cooking class that we  enjoyed. We learned to make spring rolls and 2 other pork dishes. We enjoyed the fruits of our labors at the conclusion of the class. 

If you come to Hanoi you definitely want to have street food and learn to cook Vietnamese dishes. 

Traditional Iced Tea and a bowl of noodles.  So good.
Fresh squeezed pineapple juice!
Traditional Vietnamese desserts - delicious.
Egg Coffee! Tastes like a dessert!
Beef and Vegetables cooked in Bamboo

Cooked right at your table!!

Delicious pork dish we later learned to make at cooking school.
This was a hands on cooking class learning to make spring rolls

As well as two other pork dishes.

The restaurant chef taught us!

Our pineapple “pumpkin” used to serve the spring rolls on the skewers.  We learned to carve a pineapple to make this display!!

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