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Friday, January 12, 2018

Arrived Hanoi

We arrived Hanoi on Friday afternoon.  For those of you planning to visit Vietnam get your Visas in advance.  Using their on line service saved no time and added lots of cost and waiting time.  Live, learn and die a rookie like my mom used to say.  Very vibrant and fast growing.  Reminds me of Shanghai in the 90’s.


Carrying all sorts of goods!

A “sedan” for a family of 4!

Fuzzy picture, but that’s a puppy!  The pup even hangs it head to the side to catch the breeze!

Lots of construction in the city.

I thought what pretty embroidery. 
The were hand placed flower pedals and leaves.

Walked the weekend night market.

Grabbed a bite to eat sitting on plastic stools 10 inches tall.  We drew more than a few looks........

We ordered Beef Pho thinking we were getting a soup.  Nope!  Yes we ordered french fries - they’re pretty good dipped in soy sauce.

Yup - a little fire to keep warm on the street.
Love the branding!

Our first attempt at a video post.  Love the Ed Sheeran karaoke!

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