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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Temple of Literature - what a special place!

What a special place in the middle of Hanoi, the Temple of Literature has beautiful gardens, pagodas and ponds. Dedicated to Confucius, it was Vietnam's first university which was established in 1076. We highly recommend renting the audio guide as it helped us understand the rich history of this special place.

The beautiful entrance into the Temple of Literature.

You enter into very tranquil gardens, so green and beautiful!

One of the many gates of the gardens.   

Ornate artifacts from the past.

One of the many bonsai in the gardens.

One of the old banyan trees in the gardens.

A statute of Confucius with some offerings.

Although no longer an active university, the temple remains a place for special celebrations. These graduates were having fun 

celebrating their special day.

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