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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wandering around Bangkok

So we've come back to Bangkok. Waiting for family to join us. While waiting we decided to wander around and "experience" Bangkok!  One of the activities we really enjoyed was a bicycle tour!

We went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market.  It was HUGE!  So many people. You basically move with the crowd.

The market had a place that was serving paella made by a Spanish chef!

We visited the Or Tor Kor Market. So many fresh fruits and clean too.

Or Tor Kor market also had some great food stalls.

Some amazing fruits too!

We visited so many temples.  This one was being restored. The art work was amazing.

We used a lot of tuk tuks to get around. #1 rule with tuk tuks - negotiate up-front!

There was this old VW bus that was near where we stayed. 

It turned into a full service bar at night

We recommend a bike tour of Bangkok; it was a lot of fun but not for the feint of heart (lots of traffic, narrow alleys, distractions).

We met these great young ladies from the USA on the bike tour. Had so much fun with them!

Biked through many a back alley.

Went through Chinatown at prime time

Stopped at a temple with crocodiles!

Visited historic sites like the old Custom House!  All incoming ships had to be cleared here before offloading in Bangkok. 

Even stopped for some Bangkok “White Lightening.”

We even found time to stop for a facial.

Lots of fun just wandering and exploring!

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