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Monday, February 12, 2018

Pantawan Cooking School in Chiang Mai

We enjoy Thai food so what better than to learn how to make it. We found the Pantawan Cooking School through a friend of Laura’s younger daughter who had visited Chiang Mai—what a great find. We toured the food market, learned to cook four dishes and then enjoyed our yummy creations. 
The food market is filled with so many different kinds of food, meat and produce. Some you buy raw; others are cooked there for you. That’s duck you see here.

Quite a selection of raw meat. 

Bob was mesmerized by them grilling sausage. We had a chance to try it, and it was very good!

The welcoming committee, two pups that were 4 weeks old. Their mom was a rottweiler and the dad was a beagle. We are still trying to envision how that happened.

Everyone got a chance to help the chef make the red curry paste. Check out those guns!

Making a red curry paste—it took a lot of muscle to mash everything together.

After watching the chef make a dish, we went to our stations and made it ourselves.

Plamuk Pad Pong Karee, a yellow curry with calamari.

Yam Moo Yang, a grilled pork salad.

Tom Ka Gai, a coconut soup with chicken. YUM!

Pad Prig Kang Moo, a stir fry red curry with pork. It was one of our favorites!

Enjoying our delicious creations! It was a feast.

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