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Friday, February 16, 2018

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand - What a crowded gem!

Ko Phi Phi is a beautiful island off the west coast of southern Thailand. It is known for its beauty and its parties for the younger crowd once the sun goes down. We enjoyed the first much more than the second! The Island with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here. It’s a mere 1.5 hour ferry ride from the mainland and well worth the visit. 
What an amazing view from the hotel pool!

Our favorite adventure was renting a long tail boat for the day. We went from beach to beach enjoying the stunning views and snorkeling in some amazingly clear waters. Erin and Michelle enjoyed the sun and fun.

Some beaches were fairly crowded...

While others were fairly empty...

We stopped at Monkey Beach, named for the friendly critters that lived there. They were very accustom to visitors and went a little aggressive when they saw you with food or juice. One nearly attacked Laura when she was carrying mango juice. Needless to say, Laura won.

The Longtail boats were so cool to see and ride in!

What a fun day!

Walking up to Phi Phi Viewpoint for the sunset and spectacular view is a popular thing to do. Ask us about the ‘death march’ to get there. We made it, but it was close!

Luckily we found an easier way to get down. Don’t know how we missed it. 

Such a amazing place—great sand, sun and memories!

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