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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Chiang Mai

We enjoyed our visit to Chiang Mai.  Laura actually taught here as a visiting professor back in the 80’s.   The city is pretty fascinating with so much to see and do.  Time flew since we also visited an Elephant Conservation Park and a Cooking School (separate posts) while in Chiang Mai.

We watched this team demonstrate their Hacky Sack skills. 

An amazing temple.  This just shined in the sun. It was not paint. We guessed gold leaf.

They expect you to be very reverent with the Buddha.

We found this restaurant that helped kids!  Had to go!

They served fantastic pizza (I admit I was jonesing for one).

They has an awesome night market just outside our hotel that we could watch from  our balcony. 
We wandered through it for a couple hours.  So much to see!  So busy!

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