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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

We visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. What an experience. We spent the day with young elephants (<5 yrs old). They are amazing animals. They are elephants rescued from situations where they were in jeopardy and poorly treated. Unfortunately they no longer had their mothers. They do a great job caring for the elephants. It was so much fun interacting with and feeding the elephants. 

We arrived at the park and these guys knew it was feeding time.

They were so agile and gentle taking bananas from your hand (apparently their fave food).

Happy girls with happy elephants.  Smiles were everywhere!

It was so cool watching them wander.

It was great walking with the elephants!

We even bathed the elephants, or did they bathe us?

This young lady had an itch that couldn’t wait.

This little guy was 8 months - so cute!

I helped make a elephant nutritional supplement.

Laura and the girls feeding the supplements to the little guy.  He loved it!

They even had mud baths!

The elephants loved it!

And we did too!  

A good time was had by ALL!

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