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Saturday, March 18, 2017

White Sands as far as the eye can see.....

We decided to drive from Carlsbad to our next national park through White Sands National Monument.  The white sands are not quartz like most traditional sands (hmm -are there "traditional" sands). The white sand is gypsum. Apparently in the summer the sand is still comfortable on the feet unlike traditional quartz sand which will toast your tootsies. I (Bob) remember coming through here as a kid while on a family vacation to see my Dads father who lived in Tucson. We were delayed for several hours in White Sands because of a missile test. Apparently that still happens as the White Sands Missile Range is still active, the largest military installation in the United States. 

As we drove to White Sands we came across this
in the middle of nowhere.  I wish I knew the story behind this.

Even horses will find shade wherever they can.
White sand as far as you could see

Sand Plowing - looks like snow
Guess who's feet are whose....

Sand Sledding

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