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Friday, March 17, 2017

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains are impressive but honestly after seeing Big Bend, they come in second. Guadalupe Peak in the Guadalupe Mountains is the highest point in Texas at 8,751 ft, and El Capitan is almost as tall. We were tempted to hike to the Guadalupe Peak Trail, but after hiking out of Carlsbad - nah. We visited a number of different places like Frijole Junction so named because the residents back in the late 1800s consumed lots of beans (at least that's the lore). We visited the Smith's Spring Trail; it was definitely worth the time. We also hiked the nature trail at McKittrick Canyon and learned quite a bit about desert fauna. The desert on the surface looks sparse and barren, but it is definitely alive! For us the Guadalupe Mountains were a long day trip

Welcome to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas
near the New Mexico border.

El Capitan
Manzanita Spring on the Frijole Ranch.

 A view of the McKittrick Canyon Trail - for perspective, see the
person in the red circle. 

The desert in bloom - Mexican Buckeyes 

The desert in bloom. 

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