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Thursday, March 9, 2017

NOLA and the Mississippi

When we left Florida we got as far as Slidell, LA. We got up early the next morning to have breakfast at Mother's and beignettes at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, LA (NOLA). Very tasty. If you get to Mother's try their black ham.

We scooted out of NOLA and headed into the Mississippi delta to see the scenery and traveled through some small fishing ports. Very scenic and enjoyable drive. The wounds from the Deepwater Horizon and BP still are visible. We were amazed at the highways that have been constructed through the delta on pillars - can't imagine what the workers went through putting those in (memories of mosquitoes and the Everglades).

We ended our day after having dinner at Willie Burger in Beaumont, TX.  The next morning we had some BBQ at 7:30am at City Market in Luling, TX - awesome (had to try it).  We then headed to Big Bend on the road less traveled, two lane roads with 75 mph speed limits. We listened to a book titled Empire of the Summer Moon. It talked about the conflicts between the Indians and the frontier settlers which seemed appropriate considering where we were headed, a great book!

Mother's - great breakfast place.  Awesome black ham!
Cafe du Monde - a classic
Many fishing ports in the Mississippi delta
Most of the highway was elevated on pillars in the delta
Vacation homes are built on pillars due to tidal surges during hurricanes
We saw this sign in a person's yard addressed to BP.
Great burger joint that was very popular

Yes - BBQ for breakfast is good.

Ranked as one of the top BBQ joints in Texas

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