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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dow Plant on US Mexico border at La Linda, Mexico - Say What???

So when we arrived at Stillwell Ranch we asked the typical tourist question, "Any suggestions for non typical things to do or places to see?" One place they recommended seeing was the ghost town of La Linda, Mexico on the US Mexican border on the Rio Grande river. This was ~40 miles further down the road through Black Gap Wildlife Management area, in the middle of nowhere. We saw activity on the Mexican side and were later told it was people scavenging metal. We learned that Dow Chemical had built a plant here in the 60s to process Flourspar it mined in Mexico. The bridge to Mexico was built by Dow in the early 60s to help transport the material. It was named the Gerstacker bridge. Small world and how times have changed.

The site in Mexico that's pretty much a ghost town

The blocked bridge

The Gerstacker Bridge

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