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Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome to Big Bend National Park - it's spring in the desert!

This is a land of absolute rugged beauty, and boy is it remote.  It's 800,000 acres in southwest Texas, borders Mexico on the Rio Grande River and is the only national park that houses a complete mountain range. Our thanks to Kay who visited the park in February and gave us great tips on what to see and do. It was spring break in Texas so campgrounds were full--so much for visiting off season. Luckily we found space at Stillwell Store, a rustic campground near the park. We camped in the desert for four nights, enjoying the spring bloom that was just beginning.

Stillwell Ranch store at our campground
(that's our chariot on the left)

Our home at Big Bend, primitive camping in
the desert at Stillwell Ranch
Hallie's Hall of Fame - a museum next to the campground
which honored Hallie Stillwell, a legendary rancher in Big Bend

Hallie Stillwell in her 90s

A touch of Kentucky at the Stillwell Ranch

It was spring in the desert and the cactus and flowers were in bloom: 

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