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Monday, March 13, 2017

Big Bend - Canoeing the Rio Grande River

It's hard to beat being on the river during a hot day in the desert! It's a great way to see the park too. Leaving our campsite at 6am, we headed to Desert Sports in Terlingua, TX for a canoe trip on the Rio Grande. Water levels were low so the outfitter drove us an hour across the park to start near the Hot Springs. What fun, that is, until the 20 mile an hour headwinds started.  Hitting a few small rapids, our canoe tipped over twice in the strong wind. We took it in stride, laughing and enjoying our cool dip in the river.

Not sure we could build a wall better than this on the border.

Selfie moment

Why do I have to paddle?

It was a very windy day with 30+mph gusts.

The Rio Grande is a beautiful river but very different from
what it was before dams, irrigation, etc.....

This is Big Bend's version of a hot spring.
Very different from what we enjoyed in Arkansas.

We enjoyed a nice shore lunch.

Looking into Mexico on a local ranch with real cowboys.

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