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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wild blueberries - It's all in the marketing!

So we thought wild blueberries meant wild in the really wild sense. Oh so wrong!  We passed huge fields in Maine and Canada with a low cover crop which looked similar to a scraggly, colorful clover. Some had beehives to pollinate them. Then we passed large processing plants devoted to wild blueberries. Aha, these were wild blueberry fields which we confirmed via a Google search. Wild blueberries are cultivated, just like other crops. "Wild" refers to the type of blueberry, not that they are picked in the wild. 

Boy, they do make great blueberry pancakes!

Wild blueberry fields with beehives near Winter Harbor, Maine.
We saw many fields like this in Maine and New Brunswick. 

Blueberry capital of Canada, of course we had to stop and check it out.
OK, we did not find any fields in Oxford, but we did
find the processing plant.

And this lovely gem! 

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