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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lobster Rueben or Lobster Roll

So we stopped in Marathon at Keys Fisheries. Great little place definitely worth the stop. We ordered dinner and Laura wanted the Mahi Mahi that was on special but they were out. I had ordered a Lobster Reuben so Laura said I'll have a Lobster Reuben too. I'm thinking to myself "Really? You don't like sauerkraut, but maybe this combination is ok."

So we go sit down and our meals come. Laura bites into her sandwich and has that "what the ......" look. I ask her what's wrong because I had already tried mine, and it was really tasty. She says (with a sense of shock) "this isn't a lobster roll!" I chuckled and commented "no it's a Lobster Rueben." She replied "I don't like sauerkraut" and I replied "I know - I was surprised you ordered it." She commented "I wanted a Lobster Roll."  I replied "they don't have Lobster Rolls - this isn't Maine." She dejectedly choked down half of a half of a sandwich (I think she left a quarter of that uneaten). Luckily I got the other half!

Note to self - Laura REALLY does not like sauerkraut!

Tip to everyone else - their Lobster Reuben is really good if you like sauerkraut!

Great little Fish Market!

Their famous Lobster Reuben - over 250K sold!

A Lobster Roll - NOT a Lobster Reuben.  They don't sell these......

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