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Monday, May 15, 2017

Shenandoah National Park - beautiful vistas!

We visited Shenandoah National Park and WOW - what a beautiful park with over 75 scenic overlooks on the 105 mile long Skyline Drive.  We stopped at most of the overlooks, and the vistas were amazing. The park has 500+ miles of trails. Over 100 miles of the Appalachian trail runs through the park--it criss crosses Skyline Drive over 30 times. We visited the park over Mother's Day weekend so there were quite a few visitors, but it never felt crowded.  We had a chance to chat with one of the park staff; he made an interesting comment about over half of the US population is within a one day drive of Shenandoah.

Shenandoah is also a remarkable place because of the role the CCC (Civilian Conservation Core) played in developing it. Between the beauty they created on Skyline Drive and the trails carved by the CCC - it's awe inspiring to think what the "boys of the CCC" accomplished between 1933 and 1942 in helping to preserve America's natural resources.  Herbert Hoover had a summer retreat at Shenandoah  named Rapidan Camp that has quite the history too.  We hiked a number of trails in Shenandoah from "easy" to "moderate."  We decided to forgo the "strenuous" ones after we hiked some they called "moderate."  Shenandoah's hemlock trees, as well as all hemlocks, are under attack by an invasive species, the hemlock woolly adelaide. These aphid-like creatures have killed 95% of hemlocks in the park.  We camped in Shenandoah for a couple nights and would have stayed another night, but the truck "bit" Laura in the leg. (That's another post.)

This was posted in the camp restrooms. After reading it,
I always opened the restroom door carefully.

Skyline Drive is so scenic!  Because of the CCC it
is a rolling garden.

All the lookouts were so scenic.

On top of the world - or at least Shenandoah!

The view is breath taking.

A charred sentinel of past fires in the park.

One of the many trails in the park!  This was part
of the Appalachian trail.

On the Appalachian trail!

Trilliums in bloom

A living hemlock tree!  The Park Service has
done a fantastic job protecting remaining hemlock trees!

Because too many hemlock trees have died!
In Michigan we know the impact of the emerald
ash borer! 

Such scenic vistas and backdrops!

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