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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dover, Delaware - WHAT?

Yes, Delaware does not have a national park, but my brother was going to be in Dover for a few days on business. So we decided what the heck, we’re retired and off to Dover we went! It was only a four hour drive from Shenandoah National Park. On the way we needed to get a bite to eat so we stopped at one of the top crab shacks in Maryland – Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn in Annapolis.  It is well worth the stop!  Great food, great service, a fun casual restaurant on Chesapeake Bay.

While in Dover we did the really exciting stuff while my brother was at work.  We did things like mail, laundry, cleaning the car, etc.  All that "stuff" still needs to get done.  During my brother's off time, we visited the Air Mobility Command Museum.  He was our own personal tour guide at the museum as he had flown many of the planes. It was absolutely fascinating! We learned quite a bit about many of the aircraft. There was even a plane on display that he specifically remembered piloting many times over his career.  If that was not enough, we had to try "all you could eat crabs" at a local restaurant. That was quite the experience. We gave up once we realized that eating crabs was a "calorie neutral meal"--the restaurant definitely made a profit on us.  Great taste, lots of effort, quite the mess, lots of laughter.  

Delaware is another state where the number of US senators out numbers its members in the US House of Representatives (2 vs 1). It is a tiny state with less than one million people (Michigan has almost 10 million and California, the largest, 38 million).  

Great time at Jimmy Cantler's in Annapolis

He played a key role in commissioning this plane

He turned around and dead panned - "I flew this exact plane many time"
You know its big when we look "petite"

I can stand up without ducking and walk under these doors

He chuckled in real life it was never this spacious

They look delicious

Lots of work!

Good eats with quite the mess - I surrender!

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