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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Charleston - the Gem of the South

Leaving Florida, we headed to Charleston, SC.  What a fun city! We know why it is such a popular destination. It has a rich history and interesting architecture, it is on the water, and has fabulous restaurants and culture. What is there not to like other than mosquitoes, heat and traffic. Since the Segway city tours were all booked, we opted for a boat tour of the harbor and a horse-drawn carriage tour of the historic district--the carriage tour was our favorite (thanks Karen for the recommendation). We enjoyed a great dinner with friends from Michigan, Jeff and Karen, who had moved to the area.  Next time we will plan to spend a little more time so we can hit a few more fabulous restaurants and see more of this beautiful city!

This is a city of southern charm and resilience. Founded in 1670 by the English, the city has seen many fires destroy its buildings, was ravaged by a magnitude 7 earthquake in 1886, and was devastated by hurricane Hugo in 1989, not to mention the destruction experienced during the Civil War. It has rebuilt over and over, retaining its history and charm. 

Beautiful day on Folly Beach.  Postcard picture!

Ritas - a great little place on Folly Island!
Some of the best smoked chicken wings that we've ever had.
Ask us about our Mary Poppins moment!
The Low Country is beautiful

Had to do a carriage tour of historic Charleston

Our trusty steeds!  They are mules!  Momma was a horse
and Daddy was a donkey!

The old city market.  They joked normal floods are 
2-3 feet (you can see the water line) but the big 
ones like Hugo - 10+ feet!
Nothing like a knowledgeable tour guide

Classis antebellum home and famous restaurant Husk.
Unfortunately they are booked way in advance.  Maybe next time

We took a harbor tour but the sun was so bright we sat inside.
The windows were so dirty the pictures did not turn out.  This is
closest to the tour you get.  We took a picture with the
bridge in the background after we got off the boat.  The
bridge is the Arthur Ravenel Jr bridge. If you're an elected official that
secures funding for a bridge it can be named after you too!

Had a nice dinner at Wild Olive with Jeff and Karen - friends who had
relocated to Charleston at the end of 2016.  Great suggestion Karen!

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