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Monday, February 20, 2017

Nike Missile Site in the Everglades

In the middle of the Everglades was a Nike Missile Site that was operational between 1965 and 1979. The Park Service now gives tours of this site, the last operational Nike Missile Site.  The site use to house missiles with nuclear war heads. Our tour guide, Scott Gabriel, was a retired Marine. He did a spectacular job setting the stage for why we had these sites (Cuban Missile Crisis), what it took to operate this site in such a remote inhospitable environment, and the day-to-day personal challenges the soldiers faced. Fascinating tidbit - most of the buildings were pink (but coral sounds more manly)--this was the cheapest paint that the Army could get in the quantity they needed. This tour was a highlight of our visit to the Everglades, and the price was right (free).

We looked on Trip Advisor after the fact and there were so many 5 star reviews of this tour that are well deserved.  Definitely worth the time!!!
Missile bunkers in the distance
German Sheperd dogs and their handlers guarded the site($250k to train each dog)
Missile bunker up close
Restored Nike Missile

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