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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hot Springs National Park

We visited Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  It is an urban park and the smallest National Park in the system.  We toured a historic bath house at the National Park's Visitors Center and were able to spend time enjoying the thermal pools and sauna in the Quapaw Bath House, quite the history.  We were spoiled--it was in the high 60s, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous.  We stayed about 30 miles south of Hot Springs in DeGray Lake Resort State Park (they had showers - the national park didn't).  Beautiful park, we were one of only four campers in the whole park.  What a beautiful campsite!  Got down in the mid 20s at night but hey, we're Michiganders! 

Our campsite

Did not expect to see a trail by this name (we have a neighboring town in Michigan named Saginaw)

Hot Springs NP Visitors Center Porch just begged you to sit a spell.....

One you lay in
Touring a historic bathhouse - A tub you sit in

This says Do Not Touch because they use that hose to clean you from the inside out

You got in the shower and they sprayed you

Steam cabinets

Intricate stained glass in the historic bath house

Beautiful bronze sculpture in the men's bath area

Luxurious Quapaw Bath House - still in operation today
The thermal pools - four different ones all at different temperatures

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