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Friday, April 28, 2017

Back on the Road or in the Words of Willie - On the Road Again........

We headed back on the road on April 18th!  We left early to visit with Sportsmobile in Huntington, IN before continuing on to Florida. While tent camping is fun, we are looking to upgrade. I'm chuckling because we spoke with my daughter, Katie, to get her advice on tent camping (she has many 100s of nights tent camping under her belt). She replied with one word, "don't." She said that we would get tired of sleeping on the ground and should look into a trailer or something like that. She gets wiser as I get older - we agree.  We're now looking at a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.  Sportsmobile does conversions so we stopped by to see some of their vans, get ideas and understand the process.  When you search Google with the words "sprinter van conversion DIY" you get +570,000 hits.  We're just starting this process and have lots to learn. We'll keep you posted.

We then headed south to Titusville, FL nonstop. We had fun stopping in Nashville for some Hattie B's hot chicken. Lots of things happened over the next week with Laura's daughter graduating with her MBA from University of Florida (congratulations) and then helping her move to Atlanta to start a new job. Although Atlanta traffic was horrific; Google Maps was outstanding. While in Atlanta my gracious brother gave us a place to sleep before we headed back to Florida to start our east coast swing picking up national parks. Warning if you pass through Georgia on I-75 DO NOT stop at Ellis Brothers and sample their praline crunch pecans. It leads to bad things if you're lacking self control and discipline...(speaking from personal experience).

Breakfast with Dick at the Marietta Diner, it's a classic!

The Marietta Diner - can't miss it, all those lights make
you think you are in Vegas.  

A happy graduate!

With sections of I-85 closed, Atlanta traffic was a bear!
Google Maps saved the day by routing us
through many Atlanta neighborhoods. 

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