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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back in Michigan

Well we're back in Michigan. After stopping in St. Paul, MN, we headed north across Wisconsin to Houghton, MI. We stopped in Ironwood at Stormy Kromer, a Michigan institution that makes clothing and their iconic Stormy Kromer hat. I've heard others refer to it as the Elmer Fudd cap. What makes these special is that they are made in Michigan. Yes, I have a couple.

We had to stop at Krupp's in Twin Lakes, MI to pick up some pasties for my son, Mike. Krupp's has the best pasties I've had!

We spent the weekend with Mike cooking and watching the Final 4. It was nice spending time relaxing and making lasagna and meatloaves, four of them. As Mike joked "yes, I'm pretty well set for food through the end of the semester."

Sunday we headed back to Midland through Michigan's upper peninsula. A bright spring day, complete with beautiful views, busy logging trucks, and the Mighty Mac!

We'll hang out in Michigan to do taxes before heading out again in a couple of weeks to pick up more parks.
Homemade lasagna, that's hard to beat!
A fun time cooking with Mike.

The meatloaf is pretty yummy too!

Ice breaking up on lake Superior under beautiful blue
Michigan skies. Now if it only was 20 degrees warmer!

The "Mighty Mac," the Mackinaw Bridge
connecting upper and lower MI.

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