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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Visiting my good buddy Cullen

We stopped and spent a couple days with my good buddy Cullen in St. Paul, MN. We had a blast. 

Cullen's been in this neck of the woods for 25+ years. We spent two days visiting, eating, touring the area, eating, learning about the areas history, eating, reminiscing, eating, telling stories that may have been exaggerated slightly, eating and did I mention eating. Today poor Laura passed out 😵 in the back seat of the car from a food coma (it certainly could not have been from the riveting conversation Cullen and I were having). Had a great time!!!!  Cullen is a good friend, an absolute gentleman and a gracious host!  

For those of you reading this that know Cullen - we had lunch with Cullen and his son. It was good to catch up with Cullen jr. I remember when he was in high school back in Illinois and now he's quiet the pro with his own family. Time flies. Anyhow.......he has started a list of Cullen's favorite sayings (and there are many). What a hoot. If you have some favorites you'd like to share send them to me and I'll pass them along to Cullen jr.  Also - "I'm not going to chew my cabbage twice on that decision"....

A better buddy you could not ask for!  A rose between two thorns holding apple fritters!

In Minnesota who else but Cullen could find a jerk chicken join that cooks its food on pimento wood.

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