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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017 Mackinac Bridge Walk

Had a great time walking the bridge. This is the 1st year they shut down the bridge for public vehicles due to safety concerns. The number of attendees actually walking the bridge was down, but I think that was primarily due to the changes this year, logistics, etc. As we wandered Mackinaw City we saw quite a few people still waiting to board buses to ride across the bridge.  I know they were working out the kinks.  Despite the changes, enthusiasm was high and a good time was had by all. If you've never done the bridge walk, it's a great tradition for Michiganders. Thanks Karen and Ross for hosting us!  We had a blast!  
Love seeing the Michigan State Police Helicopter coming into the St Iggy Coast Guard Station
The beginning of the bridge walk is on the St Iggy side.  You walk to the “troll” side.
We are considered “trolls” living under the bridge, south of the Mackinaw City side.

So picturesque!  Not many folks get to see the bridge this way unless they walk it!
Even the puppies came out in force!  Kudos to the Michigan State Police - what pros!!
Nothing like a selfie under one of the bridge towers!
Say that 5 times fast.
Nothing like reaching the finish line!

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